Tune in to Nature

Life can get really loud. Take a breath and let the outdoors in with these specially curated nature soundscapes from our friends at earth.fm.

*Cue deep sigh* — can you already feel your stress easing?

A Tree for Every Tag

We want to help you restore yourself and your connection to the outdoors. So this Earth Month, we’ll plant a tree every time you tag us @tentree while tuning in to nature.

Plant Six Trees

on Six Continents

The Planter Pack


This Earth Month, we're thrilled to introduce the Planter Pack to our climate+ lineup. With this pack, you can plant a variety of tree types around the globe and make your mark worldwide.


Repay nature’s kindness with our exclusive Earth Month climate+ package. The Planter Pack plants six trees around the world, one on each continent: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. Just not Antarctica, because even we can’t pull that off.

Celebrate Earth Month and make your mark across the globe all while living your best life — because who says you can’t do both?

Earth Day Bonus Gift

Up Your Tree Count

Get a free climate+ package with any purchase over $100

Exclusively this Earth Month, we’re giving away a one-month climate+ package with any order over $100, helping you sequester even more carbon