The Problem

Soil Degredation

Healthy soil helps maintain food security; it's an important piece in the fight against climate change because it helps support healthy forests all over the world. The issue is, it's depleting. And fast. At the current rate, the world's healthy soil will be gone in 60 years.

Because of things like deforestation and intensive farming practices, our planet's soil is unable to replenish itself naturally, and loses many of the valuable nutrients essential for life.

Our Solution

Restoring Soil Quality With Hemp

Because hemp is such a densely growing, hearty plant, it's naturally resistant to competing plants and pests. Best of all, hemp returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil.

When grown cleanly, safely and organically, this plant can naturally aerate the soil while growing. And because it's so hearty, it can be cultivated without the use of any GMOs.

Compared to cotton, hemp can be grown and harvested using far less land and water, all while producing more fibres per acreage.