Planning A Trip? These 8 Trees Are A Sight You Have To See In Person

by / Apr 19, 2017

Our world is full of beautiful, natural wonders. The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, The Cliffs of Moher, he Redwood Forest, Aurora Borealis and the Black Forest are just a few of the natural wonders that are on my bucket list. And, while the Redwood Forest and Black Forest are both incredibly beautiful as a whole, there are some individual trees around the world that are worth a mention. Below are 8.

1. Tree of Life

This mesquite tree has to be the loneliest tree in the world! It stands all by itself in a desert in Bahrain. There is not another tree for miles! Locals believe that this tree is a miracle that is growing on the place where the Garden of Eden once stood. The tree can thank its tap root, which grows 115 feet down to an aquifer, for its survival in this dry, barren land. Due to vandalism and people burning parts of the tree for religious ceremonies, the government built a wall around the tree in 2013 to preserve it.

2. Fortingall Yew

This 3000 year old yew tree grows in a churchyard in the Scottish village of Fortingall in Pershire. It is, quite possibly, the oldest tree in Europe. Another interesting fact about this tree is that it just changed its sex! So far as anyone knows, this tree has been male all of its life. However, scientists recently found three red berries growing on one of its branches. Berries only grow on female yews. The scientists believe the reason for this unusual change is due to environmental stress. Only the one branch appears to have become female. The rest of the tree remains male.

3. Angel Oak

This massive oak tree has been living for over 1,500 years on John's Island off the coast of South Carolina. It is believed to be the oldest living tree East of the Mississippi River. It stands 66 feet tall and has a trunk that is an impressive 9 feet in diameter. The shade from it's incredible canopy covers over 17,000 square feet. A developer is wanting to buy the land around the oak and cut down the forest around the tree that helps protect it. But, currently the Angel Oak is still owned by the city of Charleston.

4. The Lone Cypress

Labeled as the most photographed tree in North America, this Monterey Cypress tree stands alone on a granite cliff on California's Pacific Coast. This 250 year old tree has been scarred by fire and is now helped to stand by a retaining wall and cables. It can be found by taking the scenic Pacific Coast Highway near Pebble Beach. It is the trademark of the Pebble Beach Company which owns the land it stand on.

5. Dark Hedges

This beech tree tunnel in Northern Ireland is featured on the HBO show "Game of Thrones." The trees were planted in the 18th century by John Stuart to line the roa to his mansion, Gracehill House. Dark Hedges is one of Ireland's largest attractions and stands along Bregagh Road. The locals claim that Dark Hedges is haunted by the Grey Lady, who has been seen walking through the trees.

6. Tule Tree

This 2,000 year old Montezuma Cypress tree's claim to fame is that it has the largest trunk circumference of any tree in the world. At 137.8 feet in circumference, it would take 30 people holding hands with arms extended to encircle it. The tree stands in a Santa Maria del Tule churchyard in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The tree has been famous for centuries - both the Spanish explorers and ancient Aztecs have written about it.

7. Sunland Big Baobab

Baobab trees are one of the most unusual trees in the world! Found on the sub-Sahara savannas in Africa, their huge trunks make everything around them seem very small. One particular Baobab tree, called the Sunland Big Baobab, is thought to be the oldest and largest in the world with a trunk circumference of 33 feet! But, its age and huge size isn't the only thing it's known for. A pub and wine cellar are built inside the interior of the tree's hollow trunk. The trunk is so large that it once held 60 people who were attending a party at the pub.

8. Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

This ancient tree is the oldest tree in the world that was planted by people. Its planting date was recorded as 249 B.C. But, that's not what makes the tree sacred to the people of the area. Many people believe that the tree is grown from a cutting of the Sri Maha Bodhi tree - the tree Buddha was sitting under when he reached enlightenment. Found in the Mahamewna Gardens in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanks, Buddhist pilgrims still make their way to the tree to pay homage.

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