A Behind-The-Scenes Look At tentree's Sustainable Office Initiatives

by / Oct 24, 2018
A Behind-The-Scenes Look At tentree's Sustainable Office Initiatives

At tentree, our goal is to be the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet (and to plant trees too). The first step in achieving that goal is making sure that we have the most environmentally progressive office that treads lightly on the planet and creates a stress-free environment conducive to creativity and growth. Several awesome groups donated a few items to help us achieve our environmental goals. We’d like to take a moment to give them a shout out for their awesome contributions.

Article recycled rug

Article was kind enough to donate to us two items, a rug for our break room that is made from reclaimed, recycled plastic bottles. They also donated a model sofa that was deemed unfit for consumer use. We volunteered to give it a home!

Wallygrow plant wall and Foliosa plants

Wallygrow and Foliosa made a stunning plant wall possible for us. The planters are made from recycled milk jugs, and the plants not only clean the air but give us something to do when we need a break from work. All of us take part in caring for the plant wall.

Urban impact waste diversion

The tentree office is home to a thorough waste diversion system installed by Urban Impact. We’re able to recycle organics, mixed paper, mixed containers, and soft plastic. Soft plastics include chip bags, granola bar wrappers, etc. We are dedicated to diverting as much of our office waste away from the landfill as possible.

Fabcycle fabric recycle bin

Fabric waste is an unavoidable part of being a clothing company. The process of creating garments results in fabric scraps that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. Fabcycle has been taking all of our fabric scraps and upcycling them into new, useful things like insulation for homes.

Melt collective polybag recycling

Melt Collective was kind enough to set us up with a poly bag recycling system. Melt Collective uses our old plastic bags to research and develop new systems for upcycling and recycling plastic bags. Their focus is on helping developing countries create small scale solutions to the problem of plastic pollution.

Klean Kanteen mugs

Of course, what kind of sustainable office would we be if we used single-use cups? Klean Kanteen supplied our office with reusable coffee mugs to use instead of wasteful single-use cups. Klean Kanteen produces some awesome reusable bottles and their contribution helps us reduce the amount of waste we make even more!