China Is Planting A Forest Almost The Size Of Ireland

by / Jan 12, 2018
China Is Planting A Forest Almost The Size Of Ireland

The Chinese government has announced an aggressive initiative to plant 6.6 million hectares of forest this year, an area nearly the size of Ireland, in a continuing effort to lead the planet in combating man-made climate change.

This plan will help the country achieve its goal of raising the country's total forested land to 26% by 2030. Currently, 21% of China is covered in forest. 

How does a single country plant that much forest in just one year? Through a collaboration between the government as well as international organizations. China is welcoming everyone to join in their mission.

“Companies, organisations and talent that specialize in greening work are all welcome to join in the country’s massive greening campaign,” forestry administration head Zhang Jianlong said in a statement. “Cooperation between government and social capital will be put on the priority list.”

Alongside combating climate change, China's reforestation projects have been battling desertification in the Gobi Desert, an increasingly large problem on a rapidly warming planet. 

So far, China has invested $1.4 billion in clean tech since 2014, when the nation declared a state of emergency over air and water contamination. The total invested in reforestation tops $80 billion since 2013.

One thing is for sure, China is putting its money where its mouth is. Will other large, polluting countries follow their lead?